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MegaMet® Industries, manufactures the highest quality Steel Doors to meet your standard specifications or your custom hardware preps., and hinge and lock locations. MegaMet® produces Flush or Embossed Steel Doors, covering most sizes and shapes including radius work, custom patterns, offering multiple or hybrid core types, as well as Stainless Steel. Our MegaDoor’s® “UL” Fire ratings have extensive options, including the 250 degree Temperature Rise Core.
All door types are framed with our unique 14 Gauge continuous perimeter channel, for a stronger, longer lasting Commercial Grade Door.

Each of these door types comes with you choice of door skin gages and steel types: 18ga, 16ga, 14ga, 12ga or 10ga with CRS, A60, G90, or Stainless Steel # 304 or # 316.

Welded Seamless Vertical Edges with a Flush Top and Inverted Bottom Channel are all Standard

Square or Beveled Hinge and Lock Edge choices – Beveled Lock Edge, Square Hinge Edge is our default Standard

Also choose from Solid Insulated, Single Ribbed, Multiple Ribbed or Hybrid Core Construction

1.  Insulating Polystyrene Core    
2.  Insulating Urethane Core         
3.  Honey-Comb Core 
4.  Temperature Rise / Mineral Core  
5.  Louvers & Lites 
6.  Dutch Door
7 Door and Frame Specs
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Steel Ribbed Door Detail (Click to View) Door Assembly Detail (Click to View)

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