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Acoustical Sound Control Doors & Windows

1. STC Sound Control Door Assemblies are designed to limit the transmission of sound or objectionable noise, from outside of the room. The two methods of rating are Sound Transmission Class (STC) or Sound Transmission Loss (STL).

2. MegaMet's proprietary assemblies were tested in accordance with ASTM E-90 and achieved an STC-52, using the rating system established in ASTM E-413. An extensive variety of door, frame, and gasket combinations were tested in order to maximize choices of performance levels.

3. MegaMet’s STC Door Sound Control Assembly consists of the door, frame, (mechanical door bottom on some models and integral seals on others), perimeter seals, gasketing, and threshold. Locks, hinges, door closure and all other hardware are by the client. Hardware recommendations are contained in SDI-128 and HMMA 865, “Guide Specifications for Sound Control Hollow Metal Doors and Frames".

4. Our mid-range STC units proudly exceed the 30 to 40 ratings from ANSI S12.60-2002 required by "LEED 2009 For Schools" (IEQ Credit 9) and greatly exceed the minimum recycled content (by weight) of all other LEED 2009 publications.