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The MegaSafe Ballistic Door

16ga or 14ga Stiffeners 
14ga, 12ga & 10ga CRS, A60 or G90 Galv. Construction 14ga Inner Shield or Custom Inner Layer 

1-3/8”, 1-3/4” or Custom Thickness 
UL’s Fire Rated File# BP8003 
Meets UL 752 requirements .44 Magnum Revolvers 

Square or Beveled Edge choices: 
Hair Line Seam, Continuously Welded or Filled Smooth Seamless Edges 

Must use our 12ga frames
Bullet Resistant Glass for Lights, must meet same Ballistic 
Certification Level as Door

MegaMet Industries

3228 6th Avenue North
Post Office Box 635
Birmingham, AL 35201

Tel: 205-322-7700

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