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The MegaFreq - Radio Frequency and Electromagnetic Resistant with optional Acoustical Sound Control features

EMI/RFI resistant and Acoustical Sound Control Doors & Windows

EMI/RFI resistant - either 60dB or 100 dB of attenuation from 10 kHz to 10 GHz frequency spectrums this performance was proven using the latest IEEE-299 test standards across the 10kHZ through 10GHz spectrum.

Our MegaFreq Door also offers optional features from our STC Sound Control Door assemblies, which are designed to limit the transmission of sound or objectionable noise. MegaMet's proprietary assemblies were tested in accordance with ASTM E-90 and achieved STC-53, using the rating system established in ASTM E-413. An extensive variety of door, frame, and gasket combinations were tested in order to maximize choices of performance levels. The MegaFreq assembly consists of the Door, with integral adjustable, and removable door bottom (without having to take the door down), Cam-lift Hinges, welded-in Stainless Threshold at bottom of Door Frame, perimeter seals, and gasketing. The Door Frame includes a welded-in perimeter grounding flange that mates with grounding foil in the wall. Locks, door closure, and all other hardware are by the client.

Hybrid versions are available across our extensive Specialty Door product lines, like MegaBlast, MegaGard, MegaSafe, MegaStorm, MegaXray, and MegaDoor-SS. So Blast resistant up to CWI with a Stand-off Distance as close as 13', Ballistic resistant up to UL 752 Level 8, Detention Doors, Tornado, and Hurricane Doors, Lead-lined Doors, and Stainless Steel (430), are all available with the potential capability of 60dB or 100dB attenuation.

Hardware recommendations are contained in SDI-128 and HMMA 865, “Guide Specifications for Sound Control Hollow Metal Doors and Frames".