MegaMet's® completion of our second decade of Manufacturing quality Specialty and Custom Hollow Metal is here. We have continued to grow each and every year, even through the recession years. Our sales are exclusively through our very loyal Distribution network sending in enviable projects from all over the Americas', overseas and from every corner of our great country. Our Distributors are not required to carry any level of MegaMet® inventory. Because of our quick lead-times, we can reduce their inventory to the absolute minimum. To accomplish this, we continue to invest in technology and modern equipment. We have recently invested over $ 350,000 in our new door line, which boasts the most advanced Forming and Resistance Welding Technology. MegaMet® has long been a leading supplier in the Custom Hollow Metal Frame market. This segment of quick delivery frames still gives us great opportunity for growth. One of the brighter horizons we continued to develop is our Specialty Door lines.

Our Mega-Sonic® line featuring the very “Green” Model 2A, STC 52, 1-3/4” door. Its unique design allows it to swing on standard heavy weight hinges and requires only an ADA threshold and concealed gasketing.

Our Mega-Safe® Bullet Resistant assemblies are UL-752 approved for up to Ballistic Level 6.

Our Mega-Blast® Doors and Frames are designed to resist exterior Dynamic load pressures of UFC 4-010-01 DoD Antiterrorism Standards, and comply with fabrication requirements of ASTM 2247-11, Category or Level of Protection as certified. ASTM E1300, F1642, F2247, F2248, F2912, and F2927 approved. Charge Weight 2 with a Stand-off Distance of 86’ feet, Category II is our Minimum Grade and Credentials for up to Stand-off distance as close as 30’.

Our “D” Door is certified equal to NAAMM’s 861 Door and has passed Twist, Slam, and Large Missile Impact tests, as well as, passed an industry high 4,000,000 cycle test.

Our Mega-Gard® 2” thick 12 Gage Detention Door passed 850 pendulum ram impacts @ 200 ft-lbs from the push side, 14,000 pounds of static load with less than ½” of deflection.

We can fill your need for less common heavily engineered Oversized products, like huge Sliding Doors and Segmented (Chorded) or Radius Arch Top Frames.

Our Mega-SS® Stainless Steel Door recently passed several UL Fire tests.

Our Mega-Storm® assembly offerings continue to multiply. Our wide variety of Sidelights and Transom frames carry the latest HVHZ and Large Missile impact approval from Florida Building Commission’s 2010 standards.

Now our Mega-Storm® line includes FEMA 361 Tornado resistant Doors and holds verification of FEMA approved construction by an independent Structural PE and our Certification of Construction Compliance by MegaMet Industries.

Our main commitment to you is to stay up to date with our products and services. MegaMet® is an active member of NAAMM and the HMMA’s Technical Committee by contributing time and input to our industry standards such as HMMA’s new 865-13 Sound Control Standard and 850-14 Fire Rated Hollow Metal Doors and Frames.

We look forward to these opportunities and to earning your business. We thank you for your time and your consideration.

Kind regards,

Edward Wall, JR - President
Acoustical, Ballistic, Blast, Detention, Radius, Security, Stainless, Veneered, Windstorm, and X-ray Steel Doors and Frames

MegaMet STC Door Installation Video

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