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MegaMet's® completion of our second decade of Manufacturing Quality Specialty and Custom Hollow Metal is here. We have continued to grow each and every year, even through the recession years. Our sales are exclusively with our very loyal Distribution network sending in enviable projects from all over the Americas', overseas and from every corner of our great country.

Our Distributors are not required to carry any level of MegaMet® inventory. Because of our quick lead-times, we can reduce their inventory to the absolute minimum. To accomplish this, we continue to invest in technology and modern equipment. We have recently invested over $ 350,000 in our new door line, which boasts the most advanced Forming and Resistance Welding Technology.

MegaMet® has long been a leading supplier in the Custom Hollow Metal Frame market. This segment of accelerated delivery of our doors and frames still gives us great opportunity for growth. But the brightest horizons we continued to develop are our Specialty Door lines and from 2009 through 2015 we enjoyed an explosion in growth with our Specialty Door lines including our Acoustical, Blast and Ballistic Doors.


MegaMet Industries

3228 6th Avenue North
Post Office Box 635
Birmingham, AL 35201

Tel: 205-322-7700

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